1 katha = sq ft in jharkhand Ranchi land measurement

1 katha = sq ft in jharkhand Ranchi land measurement and 1 kattha in square feet in jharkhand,hi guys in this article we know about 1 katha is equal to how many square feet in jharkhand Ranchi, deoghar, Palamu distric region And also know about how. And also know about 1 katha = sq ft in Ranchi & 1 Katha = sq ft in Deoghar Jharkhand.


A katha is also pronounce as kattha or cottah, in Hindi it is pronounced as कट्ठा, katha is unit of area of land measurement mostly used in in North India Bangladesh and Nepal. In North Indian states like Jharkhand, bihar, up, west bangal & Assam is mostly used for land measuring in rural areas by farmer for land purchase and sale and also some how in real estate.


Remarkable question 1 katha = ? sq ft in jharkhand, it is not easy to correct answer 1 Katha is equal to how many square feet in Jharkhand because their value is not a standard and may vary from place to place in District of Jharkhand Palamu Deoghar and Ranchi. it used as local measuring unit in rural areas by farmer. Generally one Katha is equal to 720 sq ft to 1743 sq ft in jharkhand.

Smaller unit of land measurement in state Jharkhand, Ranchi Deoghar region used is dhurki, dhur and katha,bigger unit used is bigha and acre.

Land measurement in jharkhand the smaller unit for land measurement used by farmer for purchase and sale is Katha, katha is further divided into Dhur, and dhur is divided into dhurki and 1 bigha is equal to 20 Katha in jharkhand palamu.

Katha is not a standard land measuring unit, it is originated in classical period in Indian history Pal Empire,in old time it is measuring as area of land 32 × 30 length and breadth respectively. After metrication in mid 20 century officially it is obsolete, but this unit is Steel used today in much of Indian state like Jharkhand,Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and West Bengal. But in this article we will discuss about out 1 Katha = ? Square feet in Jharkhand.

1 Katha = ? sq ft in jharkhand Ranchi

Whole jharkhand comprise of 24 district 5 division, but value of katha is not significantly equal in all distric of jharkhand, generally all in whole jharkhand 1 katha is equal to 720 sq ft to 1743 sq ft.

1 katha = 720 sq ft in Ranchi, 1 katha = 720 square feet in Deoghar Jharkhand. In Ranchi real estate land area measuring unit 1 katha is equal to 720 square feet, 1 katha = 1.65 dismil in Ranchi Jharkhand.

1 katha = 720 square feet in Ranchi division distric Kutti, Gumla, Lohardaga district of jharkhand.

1 katha = 720 sq ft (approx 1.65 dismil land) in Deoghar Jharkhand.

1 Katha = 1743 square feet ( approx 4 dismil land) in Dumka, Sahibganj Jharkhand

1 katha = 1634 sq ft ( approx 3.75 dismil land) in Palamu division district Palamu, Garhwa and latehar in Jharkhand.

1 Katha is subdivided into 20 dhur, so 1 katha = 20 dhur. Further 1 dhur is subdivided into 20 dhurki, 1 dhur = 20 dhurki,1 bigha = 20 katha,1 acre = 1.6 bigha, 1 acre = 32 katha, 1 hectare = 2.4712 acre, 1hectare = 3.9540 bigha and 1 dhur = 6.25 haath.

Now question is 1 katha = ? sq ft in Jharkhand, their answer is following:-

● Ans. :- 1 katha = 720 sq ft in Jharkhand Ranchi Deoghar region.

Now your turns:-
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