How much does a cubic yard of dirt weight

How much does a cubic yard of dirt weight depends on dry and wet condition of top soil, loose and their dense condition, compact, their mixture composition & particle size, clay soil, soil that are mix with rocks and their debris, sand and gravel dirt.

A cubic yard of dirt is typically weighs about 2,100 to 3,000 pounds (950 to 3,000 kilograms, or about 1 to 1.5 US tons), depending on factors like moisture content and the type of soil.

The weight of wet dirt can vary based on its composition and moisture content. Generally, a cubic yard of wet dirt may weighs about 3,000 pounds (or 1.5 tons). Keep in mind that the weight can fluctuate depending on factors like the type of soil and how saturated it is with water.

Dirt is landscaping material contain topsoil, fill dirt, clay soil, mixture with made of rocks, loose and dry sand aggregate and gravel also can be used as for landscaping and to fill the hole.

How much does a cubic yard of dirt weight
How much does a cubic yard of dirt weight

You are looking to buying dirt or top soil for your landscaping or filling a hole, you need to know how much dirt you should purchase and you can load in your vehicle.

Most of dirt supplier which are available nearly to you, will give you option to deliver dirt or top soils at your homes, for this they should cost some money for transportation. If you have a truck or vehicle that you can use to bring dirt or topsoil to your destination or construction site, then it is cheaper and faster option for you.

In this regarding, how much does a cubic yard of dirt weight and how many pounds in a yard of Dirt, knowing about full detail analysis, then you should keep reading.

How much does a cubic yard of dirt weight

A cubic yard is volume of dirt that measures 1 yard (3 feet) deep, 1 yard (3 feet) tall, and 1 yard (3 feet) wide, this makes 27 cubic feet (3’×3’×3′) per cubic yard of dirts.

The weight of one cubic yard of loose, dry dirt is typically about 2,100 pounds (950 kg) depending on its composition. If it’s wet, it can be as much as 3,000 pounds or 1,400 kg approximately while fill dirt weighs about 2,150 lb. In addition, clay soil weighs 1,700 lb while sandy soil weighs 2,600 lb.

The typical topsoil usually costs between $10 and $50 per cubic yard and one yard of dirt can cover a 100 square foot area with a 3-inch standard depth.

There is different types of dirt materials used for landscaping. Typically, a loose, dry topsoil weighs about 2,100 lbs per yard, while a compact topsoil weighs about 2,500 lbs per yard. Likewise, dry clay dirt can weigh about 2,300 pounds per yard, while gravel dirt weighs about 3,300 lbs per yard. In addition, a fill dirt can weigh 2,150 pounds per yard.

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On an average, one cubic yard of dirt weighs around 2,200 pounds, while the weight of 2 yards of dirt is typically about 4,400 pounds (since 2 yards = 2×2200 = 4,400 lbs). Likewise, the weight of 3 yards of dirt is typically about 6,600 pounds (since 3 yards = 3×2200 = 6,600 lbs) while the weight of 4 yards of dirt is typically about 8,800 pounds (since 4 yards = 4×2200 = 8,800 lbs). In addition, the weight of 6 yards of dirt is typically about 13,200 pounds (since 6 yards = 6×2200 = 13,200 lbs).

A full size pick up can haul 2 cubic yards (4,200 lb) of dirt, while a small dump truck can haul 5 cubic yards (10,500 lb). Similarly, larger dump truck can carry 10 cubic yards (21,000 lb) or more of dirt.

One cubic yard of dirt is equivalent to 9 wheelbarrow. Each standard wheelbarrow can hold a 3 cubic foot of dirt, since there are 27 cubic feet in 1 yard, so this makes 9 wheelbarrow per yard. Each wheelbarrow of dirt weighs about 230 lb, so this comes out 2,070 lb for 9 wheelbarrow of dirts.

A yard of dirt equivalent to 54 standard 40 lb sacks. Each 40 lb bags yields volume about 0.5 cubic feet, since there are 27 cubic feet in 1 yard, so, this makes 54 bags per yard, this comes to be 2,160 lb of dirts.

To determine how many cubic yards you need for your project, multiply the depth, width, and length (in feet) of your project area to get the total cubic feet volume of dirt needed. Multiply the number of cubic feet by 0.037 to get the cubic yards you need.

For example: Say you’re filling an area 6 ft wide, 12 ft long, and 6 inches deep with soil. Multiply 6 by 12 by 0.5 to get 36, then multiply by 0.037 to get 1.332 cubic yards or approximately 1.5 tons.

Here’s are the table that shows weight of different volume of dirts:-

SL. No. Volume of dirt Weight in lb Weight in tons
1 1 YARD 2,200 lb 1.1 tons
2 2 YARDS 4,400 lb 2.2 tons
3 3 YARDS 6,600 lb 3.3 tons
4 4 YARDS 8,800 lb 4.4 tons
5 5 YARDS 11,000 lb 5.5 tons
6 6 YARDS 13,200 lb 6.6 tons
7 7 YARDS 15,400 lb 7.7 tons
8 8 YARDS 17,600 lb 8.8 tons
9 9 YARDS 19,800 lb 9.9 tons
10 10 YARDS 22,000 lb 11 tons


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A cubic yard of dirt weighs from 2,100 to 3000 pounds (or 1 to 1.5 tons) depending on its composition. A dirt is typically costs between $10 and $50 per yard and can cover a 100 square foot area at a 3-inch deep.