How to calculate weight of RCC sewage or drainage pipe


Weight calculation of sewage RCC Pipe
How to calculate weight of sewage pipe
Sewage RCC Pipe

● How to calculate the weight of  RCC sewage or drainage pipe and also know about what is sewage pipe and drainage system

How to calculate the weight of drainage RCC Pipe
How to calculate weight of RCC Pipe
Sewage RCC Pipe

Description :- RCC sewage or drainage pipe is made of concrete and steel bar. concrete is mixture  of small size  of aggregate ,sand and cement, RCC Pipe have Steel bar which gives more strength to pipe. Drainage pipe is hollow in shape having two diameter first one is outer diameter and second one is inner diameter having some thickness.

Uses :- it is mainly underground or tunnel pipe for transporting of sewage material from house and commercial building and factories, it carry sewage material to the water treatment plant.

How to calculate the weight of drainage RCC Pipe
Drainage system and weight calculation of RCC Pipe
Drainage RCC Pipe

Size :- sewage RCC Pipe come in the various size having diameter ranging from 225 mm to 1800 mm and also there density of material vary from 1850 kg/m3 to 2500 kg/m3 according to  material which are used to form  the sewage RCC Pipe like quantity of sand, cement, aggregate and steel . Also there thickness of pipe  is vary according to their diameter size,

Calculation :- now the question  is how to calculate weight of given RCC sewage or drainage pipe. We know that weight of drainage pipe is equal to  multiplication  of volume and density of pipe.

Weight = Volume ×density

Given dimension :-

Weight of drainage RCC Pipe
How to calculate weight of drainage pipe
Drainage RCC Pipe

 Outer Dia D1 =800mm =0.8 m

 Inner Dia D2 =700 mm =0.7m

Thickness of pipe = 100 mm =0.1m

Length of pipe = 2 meter

Density of RCC sewage pipe = 1850 kg/m3

Solve :-

Weight = volume × density

Now we should first calculate the volume of drainage pipe

  Volume = Area × Length

 V = π/4 ( D1*2 – D2*2) × Length

 Volume = 3.12/4 (0.8*2 -0.7*2 )  m2× 2 m

 Volume = 3.14/4 × 0.15 ×2 m3

 Volume of pipe = 0.2355 m3

Density =1850 kg /m3

Weight = 0.2355 m3 × 1850 kg /m3

 Weight = 435 .675 kg      Ans.

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