Quantity calculation of concrete for dpc and damp proof coarse

Quantity calculation of concrete for dpc and damp proof coarse and quantity calculation of concrete for dpc and what is dpc and how much cement sand and aggregate required for 50 square metre DPC work.

damp proof course is a layer of waterproof material in the Wall of a building near the ground or plinth to prevent rising damp.

and dpc layer prevent form rising of moisture in brick wall and and following are the damp proof course material which are used for damp proofing is hot bitumen this is flexible material and is placed on the bedding of concrete or motor.

Mastic Asphalt,bitumen felts ,metal sheets, stone are the other damp proof course material. And full form of DPC is damp proof course

What is damp proof course ( dpc )

what is dpc:- generally dpc is damp proof course or damp proof coarse is barrier between superstructure of building and ground structure of building which prevent moisture from ground soil due to capillary action that is called rising pump.

dpc put on wall and on floor to prevent from moisture and it is used at basement which restrict the movement of moisture from ground soil to Brick wall and floor surface.

Quantity calculation of concrete for DPC
Quantity calculation of concrete for DPC

what is admixture of concrete its types and its properties

What is thickness of DPC layer

* thickness of  dpc :- generally thickness of dpc concrete it is about 40 mm 50 mm. And sand which are used coarse sand and smaller size of aggregate.

quantity calculation of concrete for DPC of 50 square metre area

Area =50 m2, thickness= 40 mm=0.04m

Wet volume =area× thickness
Wet volume = 50m2×0.04m =2m3

For the calculation of dry volume 33% volume is increased so we should multiply cofactor 1.33 in wet volume.

Dry volume =1.33×2 m3 =2.66 m3

Cement mortar ratio for DPC layer

M15 mix ratio:-  cement mortar ratio for M15 grade of concrete is mix of cement sand and aggregate and mix ratio is 1:2:4 in which 1 part cement 2 part sand and 4 part aggregate.

And total proportion=1+2+4=7

Part of cement = 1/7

Part of sand = 2/7

Part of aggregate = 4/7

How much cement needed for DPC layer

Density of cement=1440 kg/m3
Weight of 1 bag cement=50 kg


Number of bag of cement=(1×2.66×1440)/(7×50) =10.944 bags

Number of bag of cement = 11 bags (approx)

Calculate quantity of sand required for DPC layer

1m3 =35.3147cft

Volume of sand =2×2.66×35.3147/7 cft
Volume of sand =26.839 cft

quantity of calculation of aggregate for dpc

Volume of aggregate=4×2.66×35.3147/7
Volume of aggregate=53.678 cft

11 bags (550 kg ) cement, 26.839 Cuft sand and 53.678 Cuft aggregate is required for DPC layer of 50 sqft area

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