7 Unique Types of Arches for Your Home

7 Unique Types of Arches for Your Home | Types of arches | semi-Circular Arch | horseshoe Shape Arch | segmental Arch | Florentine Arch | Concrete Arch | Brick Arch | Stone Arch | Lancet Arch

The usage of arches in architecture dates back to the second millennium B.C. However, it was the Romans who established them as a structural component and a representation of military successes. Moving forward to more recent times, arches have undergone additional exploration and manipulation, embracing various styles and purposes.

But what are the different types of arches you can use for your home? Let’s find out.


An arch is a curved entrance that is designed to distribute weight. Arches make every room appear larger by accentuating the height of your walls substantially. 

No matter where it is — in an entryway or a sitting room, the arch naturally elevates the area, and there are many wise design choices you can make to make this great feature stand out even more.

7 Unique Types of Arches for Your Home
7 Unique Types of Arches for Your Home

8 Attractive Types of Arches

  1. Semi-Circular Arch
  2. Horseshoe Shape Arch
  3. Segmental Arch
  4. Florentine Arch
  5. Concrete Arch
  6. Brick Arch
  7. Stone Arch
  8. Lancet Arch

Here’s what you need to know about each of the above-mentioned types of arches.

Types of arches
Types of arches
  1. Semi-Circular Arch

The semicircular arch, sometimes called the Roman arch because it is a common feature of all Roman architectural styles, forms a half-circle. The centre is precisely on the spring line in this kind of arch.

  1. Horseshoe Shape Arch

Horse Shoe Arch has a horseshoe shape that is more curved than a semicircle. The most frequent use of these types of arches is in architecture.

Horseshoe arches are of three types:

  • Regular horseshoe arch
  • Pointed horseshoe arch
  • Rounded horseshoe arch
  1. Segmental Arch

Any arch with a cyclic arc that is smaller than 180 degrees is said to be segmented. One of the strongest forms of arches, the segmental arch can bear a sizable push.

The Romans invented the segmental arch first. This method of acquisition was widely utilized in the construction of domestic doors and windows during the 20th century.

  1. Florentine Arch

The arch’s intrados is shaped like a semicircle, and the remaining of it is comparable to a Venetian arch, which has a sharp arch but a fuller crown than a springing arch’s. There are three centers there, and they are all on the springing line.

  1. Concrete Arch

Concrete is used to construct large arches, as they can support enormous spans because of the reinforced steel that goes through the high-strength concrete. The rebar must be moulded around the concrete before it is given roughly a month to cure. The outcome is a magnificent arch.

There are two kinds of concrete blocks:

  • Precast Concrete Block Arches
  • Monolithic Concrete Block Arches

Precast Concrete Block Arches

These types of arches are built using precast concrete blocks. The precast concrete blocks are available in the precise dimensions needed for the building of the arches.

A certain kind of mould is built in line with the keystone criterion to produce the precast concrete slab arches. Precast concrete blocks are produced using a 1:2:4 ratio. 

Monolithic Concrete Block Arches

Cast-in-situ concrete is used to create monolithic concrete block arches, which are suitable for longer widths. They can be simple or reinforced, based on the span and level of weight. The arch is cast with the aid of formwork.

  1. Brick Arch

One of the common forms of arches used in construction is the brick arch. This kind of arch was built with the use of regular bricks. The brick arches are made using cement mortar.

Depending on the process they’re made, there can be several types of brick arches:

  • Axed Brick Arches
  • Rough Brick Arches
  • Gauged Brick Arches
  • Purpose-Made Brick Arches
  1. Stone Arch

Stone arches are often used to frame door and window openings as well as porches in both stone and brick structures. There are two types of stone arches:

  • Ashlar Arches
  • Rubble Arches

However, stone has mostly been replaced by iron and steel. Therefore long-span stone arches are not as prevalent as they once were.

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  1. Lancet Arch

Two Center Arch contains Lancet Arch. The lancet arch is a kind of pointed arch where each of its arcs, or curves, has a radius that is greater than its width. Its name comes from the fact that it resembles lance’s point.

Closing Thoughts

The many types of arches help define large spaces without completely erasing the connection between them. As a consequence, we are able to discern the borders between each area while yet feeling as though they work together to create a larger space.

Numerous locations, such as wall niches, entrances, doors, and furnishings, include arches. Additionally, the arches will be highlighted by the use of strong colors that contrast the design, giving the region a distinctive character.


  • How many types of arches are there?

The many types of arches shapes are divided into three groups: parabolic, pointed, and round. Vaults and arcades may also be created using arch configurations. For ancient arches made of dense masonry, curved, or semicircular, arches were frequently utilized.

  • What type of arch is the strongest?

The catenary curve is the most powerful shape for an arch that just supports its own shape. Cables that are left dangling naturally bend in a catenary shape.

  • What is a flat arch called?

The weakest kind of arch is a flat one, which is frequently employed in the construction of lightweight structures. A flat arch’s intrados serves as the basis of an equilateral triangle with the intrados since it is flat and at a 60° horizontal angle.

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7 Unique Types of Arches for Your Home are following: Semi-Circular, Horseshoe Shape, Segmental, Florentine, Concrete, Brick, and Stone Arch.