How to calculate quantity of cement | cement calculation

How to calculate quantity of cement, as we know that cement is one of the most important building or adhesive material used as binder in construction of various project like residential, commercial and industrial building, concrete structure like Bridge, dams, reservoir, power plant, tunnels, patio, driveway, retaining wall, slab, beam and column. It can be also used as cement mortar in floor and wall tiling, brickwork and plastering of brick or block wall.

How to calculate quantity of cement
How to calculate quantity of cement

In this article we know about how to calculate quantity of cement, cement are available in different packet size of weight, generally in India, 1 bag of cement weight of 50kg is available, sold and purchase in market.

There is different types of cement used in construction, some are Portland pozzolana cement, portland slug cement and ordinary Portland cement which comes in 3 grade 33 grade, 43 and 53 grade.

Cement used as cement mortar made by mixture of cement, sand, aggregate and water in required proportion, this mixture made as concrete used for casting of footing, column, beam and slab. If cement are mix with only fine aggregate, it form mortar for brickwork timing and plastering.

How to calculate quantity of cement

To figure out how much cement needed or cement estimation in different civil work, you follows different steps:-

How to calculate quantity of cement:-

1) measuring the length, width and thickness of slab of dimensions 4m × 5m × 0.10m.

2) Calculate wet volume of concrete as 4m × 5m × 0.10m = 2m3, for calculating wet volume of concrete you will multiply all dimension of slab as 5m × 0.10m = 2m3

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3) calculate dry volume of concrete as 1.54 × 2m3 = 3.08m3, as we know that there is 54% volume is increased in dry condition, so you will multiply 1.54 in wet volume of concrete to get dry volume.

4) consider mix ratio of cement, sand and aggregate for m15 concrete is 1:2:4, total proportion 1+2+4=7, hence part of cement is 1/7 and density of cement is 1440kg/m3.

5) To calculate quantity of cement = 1/7 ×3.08× 1440 = 634kg, 1 bag cement weight around 50kg, so 634/50 = 12.68 bags of cement.

6) there are 634kg (12.68 bags of 50kg) of cement required for slab of dimensions 4m × 5m × 0.10m (length× width× thickness) casting with M15 grade of concrete in mix ratio 1:2:4 (cement : sand : aggregate).