What is concrete and its types and properties

What is concrete  and its types and properties  and what is M20 grade of concrete

What is M20 grade of concrete

Type of concrete

What is concrete and its types and properties. the concrete is widely used today for civil work like building construction, culvert formation, road and Footpath formation etc.

The concrete is mixture of cement sand and aggregate and water. when it placed in any size of roof beam column plinth it allowed to form hard surface like a stone.

What is concrete and its types and properties
What is concrete and its types and properties

What is different types of concrete

 Types of concrete:- there is mainly two types of concrete according to binding material which are used:-

 (1) cement concrete

 (2) lime concrete

 ● (1) cement concrete:- it is mixture of cement, sand and aggregate and water, in this cement binding material for mortar  is cement. It is placed in any size of roof ,beam ,column and plinth and allowed to form hard surface like stone.

 properties of cement concrete

 1) it has high comprehensive strength

2) it is free from corrosion and  any change in weather or atmosphere does not affect on it

 3) it is proved to more economical than Steel

 4) it hardens with age in the processing of hardening continues for long time

 5) It bind with steel to form RCC

 6) there is initial shrinkage of concrete which is mainly due to loss of water and its bubbles

 What are grade of cement concrete

there is a several grade of mix concrete of different mix ratio are used to form building construction work ,culvert formation ,heavy wall formation and road and Footpath construction.

There is M5 ,M10, M15, M20 ,M25 ,M30 , M 35 M40 type of concrete mix.

2D and 3D Ghar ka Naksha banane ke liye sampark kare
2D and 3D Ghar ka Naksha banane ke liye sampark kare

What is lime concrete

 ● (2) Lime concrete :- the concrete in which the mortar is formed with mix of lime ,sand water and aggregate is called as lime concrete.

In ancient time first concrete used widely throughout the world as binding material  for brick wall construction  and house construction is Lime concrete .it is historical concrete over 5000 years ago.

 What are properties of lime concrete 

  1) lime itself chemically  known as calcium oxide CaO made by Roasting of calcium carbonate CaCO3 to remove carbon dioxide CO2

 2) lime is also called quick lime ,it has very high caustic properties and it can dissolve human body .

 3) when lime is mixed with water its form calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 it is called as slaked lime. Used as binding material for brick wall

 4 ) after binding with brick walls next several week it react with carbon dioxide to form calcite .

 5) lime concrete provide good strength to bear sufficient load and also provide certain degree of flexibility.

 6) it can be available must cheaper rate

 7) it also act as waterproofing

 8) also resist weathering.

 What are main drawbacks of lime concrete 

 1) lime concrete is soft and gain longer time for gaining strength then cement concrete

 2 ) it takes long time to cure and setting ,today there is a sort of time

  3) lime cement does not hardening in water

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