What is the weight of 1m3 of reinforced concrete

The weight of 1 cubic meter of reinforced concrete can vary, but a common approximation is around 2,400 kg to 2,500 kg or 2.4 to 2.5 metric tons.

Generally concrete structure is made by mixture of cement, sand, gravel and water in required proportion to achieve their targeted compressive strength, it is good in compression but weak in tension, for increasing the tensile strength of concrete the reinforcement bar embedded in it, if concrete is reinforced with steel that is known as reinforced cement concrete.

What is the weight of 1m3 of reinforced concrete
What is the weight of 1m3 of reinforced concrete

For a given ingredient like cement, sand, gravel and steel their density varies, density of reinforced concrete depends on density of individual ingredients, their mix proportion, compactness of material, if more voids between the particles is available leads to lesser density, lesser voids increase the density, it also depending on Grade of reinforcement and percentage quantity of reinforcement used in it.

As we know that different countries in the world have their own gradation, specification of Steel and record of measurement for reinforcing bar. First remember that rebar is measured differentially in United States and Europe. while the United states, it uses the US customary measurement system. In United Kingdom measurement based on Imperial and metric system and most of rest of world uses the metric system.

Rebar is short form of reinforcing bar or Steel reinforcement, it is steel bar or Steel reinforcement provided as tension bar, used in reinforced concrete structure like footing, foundation, column, beam and slab of house construction and it also used in reinforced masonry structure like retaining wall and load bearing wall. It is used to increase the tensile strength of concrete structure.

In this article you know about what is the weight of 1m3 of reinforced concrete | what is the weight of reinforced concrete. This will help to viewers in better understanding and it is easy to choose the most suitable rebar you wanted according to requirement.

What is the weight of 1m3 of reinforced concrete

Typically, reinforced cement concrete weight 2500kg per cubic metre, 4215 pounds per cubic yard, 156 Pounds per cubic foot, or 0.09 pounds per cubic inch, which is approximately equal as 2.5 tonnes per cubic metre.

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Regarding this, what is the weight of 1m3 of reinforced concrete, taking fair estimate for constructing a reinforced cement concrete for residential, commercial and industrial construction, generally 1 cubic metre of reinforced cement concrete weight around 2.5 tonnes or 2500kg which is approximately equal as 5512 pounds.


In general, 1 m3 of reinforced concrete weighs about 2,500 kg or 2.5 tons and consists of 350 kg of cement, 700 kg of sand, 1,200 kg of gravel or crushed stone, 100 kg of steel and about 150 liters of water.