Calculate weight of rectangular Steel bar and its formula

 How to calculate weight of rectangular Steel bar And derive its formula

●Description:- rectangular Steel bar a long and rectangular shaped metal bar are used in a wide range of structural and architectural application .it is solid bar in cuboid shape . Rectangular Steel bar come in the form of steel pipe ,steel plate and Steel Tube .we know that weight calculation of rectangular Steel is multiplication of density of steel and volume of Steel. There is a multiple of rectangular steel pipe tube and plate in the building designing construction work and various factory machinery work.

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●Uses:- it is mainly used in construction machinery manufacturing, Steel construction project, building, ship building, steel structure electrical engineering ,power plant ,agriculture and chemical machinery, glass curtain ,car chasis ,airport and so on

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Given dimension:-

Calculate the weight of rectangular Steel bar and its formula
Calculate the weight of rectangular Steel bar and its formula


Length of side A =100 mm =0.1m

Length of side. B= 50 mm=0.05m
Density of steel =7850 kg/m3
Length of steel = 1 meter


Weight =Volume×density

Volume = Area×Length

V=( length of side A×length of side                                       B)×Length of bar

V= (0.1×0.05) m2×1m

V= 0.005m3

Weight =Volume×density
W= 0.005m3×7850kg/m3

Hence weight= 39.25 Kg  Ans.

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