The best cement for rcc roof slab construction in India, Bihar & Jharkhand

For RCC roof slab construction in India, including Bihar and Jharkhand, it’s advisable to use a quality Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) or Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). Popular brands like Ultratech, ACC, Ambuja, and JK Cement are commonly used and reliable. Ensure the cement adheres to relevant Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specifications for construction

The best cement for rcc roof slab construction in India, Bihar & Jharkhand,The brick wall and roof keep your house and family secure from intrusion and protected from nature’s atmospheric elements sun light, wind, rain and dust.

Brick Wall and roofs are liable to cracks, leakage and leaching over a period of time if the good quality of cement and steel not used and construction process is sub-standard.

In this topic we will provide important advice and recommendation on how to choose the right good quality of best cement for walls and roof construction in india, Bihar and jharkhand along with processes to follow to ensure they stand the test of time.

Our advice don’t make a perception of any brand or best cement company, all brand cement companies are providing good quality cement, we should first describe about what type of work,just take out and think your requirement need to purchase PPC or OPC cement, do not run on price.

There is three types of cement available in market or ordinary Portland cement (OPC) Portland slag cement (PSC) and portland pozzolana cement (PPC).

OPC 53 and PPC ( Portland pozzolana cement) of all brand are the best cement for rcc roof slab construction in india,bihar and jharkhand. It provide higher strength to rcc roof slab withstand with different types of load acting on it.

The best cement for rcc roof slab construction in India, Bihar & Jharkhand
The best cement for rcc roof slab construction in India, Bihar & Jharkhand

The best cement for roof construction in Bihar

In Bihar Lafarge cement OPC 53 grade is doing good, Ambuja cement is along a good cement but if you are going for a mass volume our recommendation is ACC F2R is the best cement for rcc roof slab construction and all type of RCC structure like footing, beam,column and slab in bihar.

This is innovative product is created with an advanced technology and formula, offering additional strength than other ordinary portland cement.

And the new product AMBUJA PLUS is the best cement can be also used for rcc roof slab construction in bihar, it is a special quality of PPC ( Portland pozzolana cement) cement with advanced SPE technology.

TOP 10 the best cement company for roof construction in India,bihar and jharkhand

1) Shree Cement Limited – Shree Cement is the most trusted and largest selling Cement in india, Bihar and jharkhand

The company was founded and established in the year 1979 in Rajasthan and slowly with its quality production; it has become a leading and popular name in Cement Industry who providing good quality cement Today, Shree cement stands tall with 6 state of the art manufacturing facilities with a total capacity of 25.6 million tons of cement. The most popular brands are Shree Jangrodhak Cement, Bangur Cement and Rockstrong cement.

2) Kalyanpur Cement –it was Established in the year 1937, Kalyanpur Cement is the only cement which is a home grown brand in Bihar. They are based out of Bihar and market their cement in Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi and UP. They sell their products in 3 variants – KC Super, KC Concrete and KC Special Cement. T factory of Kalyanpur cement is located at Bihar, which is among country’s most energy efficient cement factory.

3) Birla Gold Cement – Birla Gold is a flagship brand of MP based Maihar Cement, which is a part of B K Birla Group. They produce and famous for highest quality of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). They have 6 plants located at MP, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra and West Bengal with a total capacity of 10 million tons per year. They have country wide network of 4000 stockists spread in Eastern and Central states, such as Bihar, Assam, WB, MP, UP, Orissa, Meghalaya, and Nagaland.

4) Ambuja Cement – Founded and established in the year 1983, Ambuja Cement is now a part of World’s second largest Cement Manufacture Company. They have been the most trusted brand of cement industry in india and their cements are known for their good quality cement.

They are world’s lowest cost producer of cement and they emphasize on efficiency and stick to quality while manufacturing cement. They are the most awarded Cement Company by Government and autonomous bodies.

5) ACC Cements – Established and founded in the year 1936, ACC ltd is India’s second largest cement manufacturer company. They have 17 Cement factories in almost all key locations in country. Apart from Cement factories, they have 50 ready mix concrete plants. They also sell bulk cement for large customers which are cost effective alternate to bagged cement. Their product F2R acc cement is good for roof casting

6)Binani Cement – Binani Cement is a flagship brand of Braj Binani Group. It was established and founded in the year 1997 at Rajasthan. Since then, they are producing wide ranges of OPC and PPC cement. Binani cement has unmatched strength, quality, consistency, reliability and performance. They have strong base in Bihar, UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi, Uttarakhand and J&K in India. They also have expanded their wings internationally with starting operations in Dubai and China.

7) Jaypee Cement – Jaypee Cement is India’s third largest selling cement company. They produce OPC 43 & 53 Grade, and supreme quality PPC. They have 37+ years of expertise in manufacturing cement. Jaypee PPC is made up of fine quality of fly-ash particles, which give better strength to the structure. Their OPC Cements are also made up of high quality raw material, which give them fineness and strength.

8) Lafarge Cements – Global Cement Company Lafarge entered India in the year 1999 and with its planned expansion, it now has 6 plants in country and has become a leading name in Central and Eastern India. Their Cements and ready mix concrete are in demand in market. They sell their products under various brand names – Lafarge PSC, Concreto, Duraguard, Duraguard MF, and Infracem.

9) Reliance Cement – In the year 2007, India’s biggest business group Reliance entered in Cement market, with its flagship brand of PPC Reliance Cement. Along with 1 manufacturing plant at MP, they have 3 grinding unit at Maharashtra, UP and WB. In 2014, they launched their Cement at Patna, with lot of marketing for the brand. They market their cement primarily in UP, Bihar, MP, Maharashtra and WB.

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10) RLG Captain King Cement – Established in the year 2008 at UP, RLG Group started selling cement under the brand name of “Captain King”. They are ISO 9001:2008 certified company, which is known for producing exceptionally high quality of PPC. They have state of the art factory, which is capable of producing 2 lakh tons of cement annually. They have 2*400 TPD Cement grinding units strategically located to tap the market of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Purvanchal

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