Waterproofing of roof slab in india and waterproofing compound

To waterproof a roof slab, consider applying a quality waterproofing membrane, using sealants on joints and cracks, and ensuring proper drainage.

Waterproofing of roof slab in india and waterproofing compound, hi guys in this article you know about waterproofing of roof slab in india and waterproofing compound. During the roof slab casting care is being taken that extra amount of water should be wiped out properly, if it properly not wipe out it left fine pore in roof slab and each fine pore is connected to each other and water will penetrate through such capillary track added by osmotic effect. Concrete structure of roof slab is also known as flexural member of structure which have weak in tension and cracks and voids can also formed due to thermal expansion contraction and shrinkage of concrete. As result water will seep through this voids and pore. Therefore roof slab waterproofing is required to keep the roof watertight since they are exposed to weather condition.

The application of waterproofing membrane and different types of paint available in markets is best for waterproofing of roof slab in india. the main function waterproofing membrane is keeping water out of the roof slab part of building.

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waterproofing of roof slab in india
waterproofing of roof slab in india

Waterproofing of roof slab in india

In India there are various types of waterproofing materials available in market for the waterproofing for roof slab some are of these liquid applied membrane, preformed membrane and several type of paint made of polyurethane liquid membrane and common used is bituminous membrane and bituminous coating. waterproofing for concrete roof slab consist of following method.

liquid applied membrane as waterproofing for roof slab

liquid applied membrane are applied on construction site on roof slab for waterproofing for concrete roof slab in liquid form which is allowed to set and form into a water impermeable membrane. Bituminous based and polymeric based membrane can be applied for roof slab waterproofing. Liquid applied membranes is seamless semiflexible easy to apply detail maintenance and repair.

pre – formed sheet membrane as waterproofing for concrete roof slab

It is second and best method generally used for waterproofing of roof slab in india. It is consists of pre formed sheet membrane usually polymer modified bitumen membrane and they are applied by heat or attached with some adhesive material. These are blended or modified asphaltic product are bonded to high strength fabric of polyester or fiberglass and produce into rolls. They have enlogation and recovery properties which make them suitable to protect against stress created by wind and temperature fluctuation. some of additive material based on styrene -butadiene-styrene is mixed in asphaltic membrane manufacturing process to make it fire resistance membrane.

bedding concrete and flooring as roof slab waterproofing

for roof slab waterproofing in this method the surface of RCC slab is kept rough and on the surface concrete is laid and poured. the concrete may be brickbats lime concrete in 1 : 2 : 4 ratio and brickbats cement concrete in 1: 5: 10 ratio. The surface of bedding concrete is provided by suitable flooring. Thickness of bedding concrete is about 100 mm.

 polyurethane waterproofing for roof slab

polyurethane waterproofing of concrete roof slab is consist of two packs clear payment aliphatic polyurethane using polyether polyols with isocyanate for making it fire resistance. The two pack system for roof slab waterproofing consist of pigment chemical and the solvent like xylene or toluene is mixed in definite ratio by weight and strictly as per manufacturer specification for preparing the coating for application. This coating will have well physical feature like high resistance to impact abrasion and cracking, superior tensile strength and perfectly smooth, dust free and glossy finishing. Holi everything waterproofing is resistant to acid alkali.

use of waterproofing compound as admixture

Some of waterproofing compound like and impermo and pudlo are available in market and act as admixture and when such compound is added to cement during construction, it prevents seepage, leakage and damp caused by the capillary action and absorption of moisture in cement mortar and concrete. the quantity of waterproofing compound to be added is also very small.
The waterproofing compound are available in powder form and they are to be mixed with cement by hand before the cement is mixed with aggregate. It is also best and easy method for waterproofing of roof slab before roof slab casting.

Conclusion:- application of liquid applied membrane waterproofing, pre -formed sheet membrane waterproofing, bituminous membrane waterproofing, bituminous coating waterproofing, polyurethane waterproofing and use of waterproofing compound like impermo and pudlo is best method for waterproofing of roof slab in india.

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