What is difference between H- type and I- type beam

What is difference between H- type and I- type beam, hi guys in this article we know about what is difference between H- types and I- type beam. Before study the structure and their difference first we know about two important component of several section of steel structure that is flange and web.

The upright vertical part of any section of beam that carrying the tension is known as web or stem and the horizontal part of any section of beam that carries the compression is termed as flange. H types and I type beam somewhat similar in shape but both have some differences regarding height and thickness of web structure thickness and width of flange structure, economical condition and somewhat difference in their weight.

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What is difference between H- type and I- type beam
What is difference between H- type and I- type beam

I- type beam steel structure

The horizontal portion of I- beem is known as flange and the vertical element of I- beam is known as web. Generally the I- beam section is made of structural steel and are you different types of construction of building ,bridges ,station power plant and have many uses in civil engineering.

The web of I- section of beam resists shear forces and flange of I -section of beam resists most of the bending moment which is experienced by the beam. Euler beam equation formula shows that the I- shaped section is very efficient form for carrying both bending and shear load in the Plane of the web.

What is difference between H- type and I- type beam
I-type beam steel structure

H-type beam steel structure

H section type of steel structure is widely used section of Steel today’s. Most of building component and their beam structure is made of H section .

H- type section their cross section shape is similar to this letter and it is Economical Section Steel with more optimised section area, distribution more reasonable strength to weight ratio. H type of beam steel structure look like similar as I type of beam steel structure but have some major difference

What is difference between H- type and I- type beam
H-type beam steel structure

What is difference between H- type and I- type beam

There are following differences between H- types and I- type beam steel structure

1) in the case of H-beam the width of the flange would be equal or more than the height of cross section of web.

But in the case of I- section of steel structure the height of the cross-section that is web would be higher than the width of the flange.

2) the I beam section is lighter than the H-section of beam which means H- beam is not always ideal for use

3) H-section of beam is used when span up to 100m and when I- beam section is used span up to 10m to 30m

4) I type beams are strong for Bending in H type beams are good for column

5) the ratio of lxx to lyy for an I – section how steel structure is larger than the lxx to lyy for H- section of beam which are comparable

6) and the major difference between two type beam H-types and I-type beam in their shape. In I- type beam upper and lower flange has slope which make the flange thin outside and thicker inside.

But H- type of section steel is widely used section today and their steel structure flange lower and upper surface are parallel and having equal dimension.

is H-type of beam and I-type beam is similar ?

By Study the following difference between two component H- type of beam and I- type of Beam, well we know that although they are look like very similar to one another but have many differences in their acting of shear forces, bending moment ,flange thickness and their width, web thickness and width and their uses.

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    I am building a garage in between to 20′ conex and want to know the size H or I beam I would need. I am spanning 20′ going with the length of the conex and 20′ apart. So the garage with be 20’X20′ with support studs / walls on both ends and will have a rolling hoist capable of lifting one ton max. What size H or I beam do I need? What if I ran a beam across the top in the center / middle going 180 deg from lower beam and welded bottom of cross beam to top of lower beam? What size would I need then for top and lower beams? The beams will not be taking any snow load, and only loads from lifting hoist.


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