What is use of white Portland cement ?

White Portland cement is used in applications where a white or light-colored appearance is desired. It is similar to gray Portland cement but has a lower iron content, resulting in a whiter product. Common uses include architectural concrete, precast concrete products, terrazzo, stucco, and tile grouts. Its ability to provide a brighter finish makes it suitable for projects where aesthetic considerations are important, such as decorative concrete work and structures where color consistency is crucial.

White cement is good in clean, brightness, consistency colour including like pastels. A white Portland cement allows a wide range of colour option for producing structural and architectural concrete design as well as masonry and cementitious building work.

White Portland cement is also known as white ordinary Portland cement (WOPC) is similar to ordinary, gray Portland cement in all aspects except for its high degree of whiteness and some chemical properties.

What is use of white Portland cement ?
What is use of white Portland cement ?

Obtaining this white color to Portland cement requires substantial modification to the method of manufacturing process, and because of this, it is somewhat more expensive and costlier than the gray Portland cement product which are used in construction work.

Its manufacturing and production method takes more effort and time, which makes the white cement more costlier than the grey cement, while a kg of white cement would cost you Rs.25 per kg as compared to Rs.7 per kg for grey cement.

White cement or white Portland cement is the variant of the ordinary Portland cement which is commonly known as grey Portland cement. The color of this cement is white compared to the original grey color because iron and magnesium are added to it during its production. Due to composition of magnesium and iron ordinary Portland cement have greater degree of whiteness that is known as White Cement.

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White Cement differs physically from gray cement in terms of its color and both are classified by their properties, strength and setting behavior according to standard EN 197 specifications.

When used, one needs to remember cement properties as white cement continues to raise questions regarding its applications, uses and failures. The simple answer is it is a cement product and needs to be used correctly.

Application and uses of white Portland cement

White Portland cement used as precast concrete for construction of prestige monuments, architectural design, used as base before painting most, used for exterior wall for greater finish, various construction and the repair application like filling gaps, it is Greater finishing product for floor and walls, precast concrete and architectural decorative design, tile grouting, sealants, perfect base for making Mosaic tiles, increased brightening colour and imparting inherent strength.

1) Used before paint

White cement is commonly used before applying paint as it has more properties compared to the grey cement. It is well suited for covering the walls before starting the paint. Grey cement is more preferred for the bricklaying work of the house.

Many people also prefer white cement for the exteriors as well because the finish of white cement looks good comparatively.

2) For making prestige moment

White Portland cement is used in combination with white fine and course aggregates to produce white concrete for prestige construction projects and decorative work. White concrete usually takes the form of pre-cast cladding panels, since it is not economical to use white cement for structural purposes.

3) Architectural Decorative Designs

White Cement is used in various construction and repair applications and is a great finishing product for floors and walls, pre-cast concrete and other lesser known applications, both decorative & architectural.

White cement helps in making marvelous architectural designs. White cement mixed with colour pigments can give beautiful colour combinations while retaining the strength of the design structure. They are used in false ceiling, decorative pillar structures, etc..

4) Designer Flooring

Birla white cement is the perfect base for making Mosaic tiles brightening colours and imparting inherent strength. White cement, marble powder, marble chips / aggregates, colour pigments combined together gives you a freedom of creating exclusive designer flooring.

5) Tile Grouting

White cement is used for filling the gaps in ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and marble flooring. Mixing the white Cement with colour pigments can help you match the tile colour by creating an illusion of a single floor piece slab.

6) Sealants

They are used as sealants to fill in the gaps after installing ceramic bathroom fixtures and flooring works.

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