Which cement is best in india for house construction

Which cement is best in india for house construction, which cement is best for roof dhalai,which cement is best for plastering and RCC roof slab construction in India, Bihar and Jharkhand for house.

Very important questions arises in your mind when you want to start construction of your own house and select how you select which cement is best in india for house construction.

in this topic i explain all the best cement and clear your doubt. in market there are wide range of choice available. Manufacturing company throughout offer good quality cement for all different types of structural work of house construction like slab, beam, column and footing and brick wall formation.

Do you know which cement is best? the best cement company in India of top brand which are available in market is ACC, UltraTech ,Ambuja Cement ,Shree Cement ,Ramco cement, India Cement Limited, Binani Cement, Dalmia Cement etc

Which cement is best in India for house construction

There is a challenging work to select the best cement in india for house construction like plastering work, footing, slab casting, brick wall, beam ,the question is arises in mind which cement is best?

First we should know about different grade of cement which is available in market, there are three grade of cement available in market 33, 43 and 53. The number indicates the comprehensive strength of cement. The type of cement which is available in market are following:- OPC, PSC & PPC.

The best cement is OPC, PSC & PPC used in India for different types of work, formation of footing,column, beam & slab for house construction.

● Ordinary Portland cement (OPC):
ordinary Portland cement that is also known as in short form OPC . OPC is available in market in 3 grade 33, 43 and 53.

OPC grade 43 & 53 of ordinary Portland cement is best in india for house construction for all types of structural work like footing, column,beam, slab and plastering work and it has long lasting and long life.

OPC 43 cement is most best for plastering in india, although OPC-53 is good but sometimes it’s causes cracks and shrinkage of plastering but it has high strength and long lasting and life that’s why OPC-53 also used for plastering of high rise building, dams and Bridge.

Now today OPC 33 and OPC43 is old cement and it is replaced by OPC 53 cement. Some properties of OPC cement are following: 1)OPC in popuraly widely used in house construction work more choice,2)OPC cement attend the strength in less time,3)OPC cement have different grade of cement live 33 43 and 53.

● 2) Portland slag cement ( PSC):
it is Portland slag cement (PSC) basically used in coastal areas of building for house construction and plastering work to prevent from salty water and most harmful chemical agents that is present in coastal areas due to oceans.

PSC cement is best in india for house construction for all type of structural work like plastering, footing ,RCC of column, beam and slab in coastal areas where salt is present.

● 3) Portland pozzolana cement (PPC):
it is Portland pozzolana cement generally it is used for house construction as plaster work, footing, slab, beam and column in high rise building structure bridge and dams,

because bridge and dams retaining walls always in make contact with running water and standing water and there is harmful chemical agents like alkalis, acids ,Salt present in water and try to react with cement brick wall. To prevent from corrosion and chemical reaction between retaining wall and water soluble harmful chemicals PPC is best plastering material for high rise structure bridge

Properties of PPC cement: it is cheaper than OPC,better resistance against chemical,it facilitates better workability,removing framework having more time

The question is which cement is best in India? Their answer will be following: OPC 43 & PSC (brand ACC, Ambuja,Dalmia, UltraTech & others) cement is best for non rcc work, OPC 53 (ACC f2r, lafarge concreto) cement is best for all type of rcc work for small scale construction of residential building and PPC (ACC,Birla & UltraTech) cement is best for large scale construction for all type of RCC and non RCC work (dams, bridge, multi storage building, factories and industrial building).

Do you know which cement is best? ACC, Birla,UltraTech ,Ambuja Cement ,Shree Cement ,Ramco cement, India Cement Limited, Binani Cement & Dalmia Cement is best top 10 brand used in India for house construction.

And the new product AMBUJA PLUS is the best cement can be also used for rcc roof slab construction in India, it is a special quality of PPC advance cement with SPE Technology.

in India Lafarge cement OPC 53 grade is doing good, Ambuja cement is along a good cement but if you are going for a mass volume our recommendation is ACC Gold with weather Shield Technology & ACC F2R cement is best for all type of rcc work in india for house construction.

Every year, new brands of Cement are coming to market and available. They are being manufactured as per standard and latest know how. So, we should ensure whether it is having IS certificate or not. Naming one brand will be a selfish thing on my part. But believe that all cements which fulfil our technical requirements or IS approved is good.

Which cement is best in india for house construction

Which cement is best in india for house construction

If you want me to name….

It is ACC, Ultratech, Lafarge, JP, Birla Gold etc…

In your state, find out which is most popular brand and easily available, you can go with that. Popular choice is always the best choice.

But apart from cement, workmanship is more important in roof casting. So before selection of cement, select a good team and good method of casting. Coarse sand, graded stone aggregate, sound shuttering.

Our advice don’t make a perception of any brand or best cement company, all brand cement companies are providing good quality cement, we should first describe about what type of work,just take out and think your requiremnet need to purchase PPC or OPC cement, do not run on price.

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