How much sand required for M25 concrete

The quantity of sand required for M25 concrete mix depends on the mix proportions specified. Typically, the ratio of cement, sand, and aggregate in M25 mix is 1:1:2. So, for every unit of cement (in volume), you would need an equal volume of sand. For example, if you have 1 cubic meter of cement, you would need 1 cubic meter of sand for an M25 mix.

Sand needed for m25 concrete is generally depend on their mix ratio. Mix ratio for m25 concrete is two types, one is nominal mix ratio which is a accepted by several institution, and second one is design mix ratio which is calculated according to various requirement and factors.


Before calculating the quantity of the sand in the M25 concrete one must determine the MIX RATIO for the required concrete strength to be attained.

M25 is considered as Nominal mix (i.e) the mix is predetermined by Standards proposed by various institutions. The mix ratio for m25 concrete is 1 : 1 : 2 such that cement : sand : coarse aggregate in which one part is cement, one part is sand and two part is aggregate.

For every 1 cubic meter of cement ,one part of sand and 2 parts of coarse aggregate is taken. This can be determined by the use of CONCRETE MIX DESIGN codes who’s procedure may vary from one constitution to another (e.g: IS standard,ACI standards)

The design method involves several steps using which the precise amount of the ingredients used in the concrete mix can be attained in terms of volume as well as in terms of mass. According to the required strength and materials used the quantity varies and also the water cement ratio plays a key role in the overall design.

How much sand required for m25 concrete

Suppose we have 1 cubic metre of m25 concrete, this is wet volume of concrete. Sand required for m25 concrete based on several calculation in following steps.

● Step 1: first we have to find out dry volume of concrete, converting wet volume to dry volume of concrete we will multiply 1.54 in wet volume of concrete. We have given wet volume of concrete 1m3,now dry volume of concrete = 1.54×1m3 = 1.54m3.

● Step 2: nominal mix ratio for m25 concrete is 1:1:2, in which one part is cement, one part is sand and two part is aggregate. Total proportion is equal to 4 and part of sand is equal to 1/4.

● Step 3: sand quantity is measured in cubic metre (m3), cubic feet (cft), kilogram (kg) and ton (MT). Density of sand = 1620 kg/m3, 1m3 = 35.3147 cft.

● step 4: sand quantity = 1/4 ×1.54 = 0.385m3, sand quantity required for 1m3 of m25 concrete is 0.385m3, converting it into CFT we will multiply it with 35.3147, get 0.385×35.3147 = 13.60 cft, converting it into kg we will multiply with density such that 0.385m3 × 1620 kg/m3= 624 kgs , converting kilogram into ton 624/1000 = 0.624 MT.

Now question is how much sand required for 1m3 of m25 concrete? Their ans. will be following:

Ans :- 0.385 m3 ( or 13.60 cft, 624 kgs, 0.624 MT) sand quantity is required for 1m3 (1 cum) of m25 concrete.

● conclusion:- 1) sand quantity in cubic metre for m25 concrete = 0.385 per m3
2) sand quantity in cubic feet for m25 concrete = 13.60 per m3
3) sand quantity in kgs for m25 concrete = 624 per m3
4) sand quantity in metric ton for m25 concrete = 0.624 per m3.

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You would need approximately 0.385 cubic meters, 13.6 cubic feet, 624 kilograms, or 0.624 tons of sand per m3 of concrete with M25 concrete.

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