How to calculate weight of i beam and structure

How to calculate weight of i beam / How to find weight of i beam, in this topic we will learn about how to calculate weight of i beam. Today an engineer use i beam widely in construction forming of column and beam and many types of different structure having different length size and dimension.

The i beam mostly look like as H shaped beam and also called as wide beam and universal beam.

How to calculate weight of i beam
How to calculate weight of i beam

Different full form ISMB, ISMC, ISJB, ISLB and ISWB related to i beam

In structural engineering of Steel and building construction technical terms is used for i beam by engineers that is ISMB, ISMC, ISJB, ISLB and ISWB

◆Different full forms

1) ISMB- Indian Standard medium weight beam
2) ISMC – Indian Standard medium weight channel
3) ISJB – Indian Standard junior beam
4) ISLB – Indian Standard light weight beam
5) ISWB – Indian Standard wide flange beam

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What is i beam?

Mostly I beam having H shape consists of two horizontal plane part that is known as flange which is connected by one vertical component that is known as web.

Both shape of flange and web create its I shaped cross section of Steel and beam. It has many application in building framing, bridges and structural engineering purpose. It is shape of choice for structural Steel buildings, the design and structure of the i beam makes its unique and capable of handling variety of loads acting on it. Now we discuss about how to calculate weight of i beam.

How to calculate weight of i beam
How to calculate weight of i beam

How to calculate weight of i beam

ISMB (Indian Standard medium weight beam) weight calculation formula

ismb 75×40×4.8:– ismb size 75mm × 40mm × 4.8mm have weight 2.176kgs/feet or 7.14kgs/meter.

ismb 100×50×5:- ismb size 100mm × 50mm × 5mm have weight 2.914kgs/feet or 9.56kgs/meter.

ismb 125×65×5.3:- ismb size 125mm × 65mm × 5.3mm have weight 3.993kgs/feet or 13.10kgs/meter.

ismb 150×75×5.7:- ismb size 150mm × 75mm × 5.7mm have weight 5.121kgs/feet or 16.80kgs/meter.

ismb 175×75×6:- ismb size 175mm × 75mm × 6mm have weight 5.975kgs/feet or 19.60kgs/meter.

ismb 200×75×6.2:– ismb size 200mm × 75mm × 6.2mm have weight 6.798kgs/feet or 22.30kgs/meter.

ismb 250×82×9:- ismb size 250mm × 82mm × 9mm have weight 10.426kgs/feet or 34.20kgs/meter.

ismb 300×90×7.8:– ismb size 300mm × 90mm × 7.8mm have weight 11.067kgs/feet or 36.3kgs/meter.

ismb 400×100×8.8:- ismb size 400mm × 100mm × 8.8mm have weight 15.274kgs/feet or 50.1kgs/meter.

ISMB full form:- full form of ismb is Indian standard medium weight beam.

ISMB 200 weight:- Indian Standard medium weight Beam 200 weight per meter is 25.40kgs/m, their cross sectional area is 32.33cm2, depth of section 200mm, width of flange 100mm, thickness of flange 10.80mm and thickness of web is 5.70mm.

We have given:-

flange (A) component

Flange length = 100 mm

Flange thickness = 15 mm

Height of flange = 1000 mm

web ( B) component

Length of i beam = 200 mm

Thickness of web = 15 mm

Height of web = 1000 mm

Density of steel = 7850 kg/m3

Now we have to calculate volume of both flange and web

Now volume of flange = l×b×h

Volume of flange = 100×15×1000 mm

We should convert into metre we get

Volume of flange = 0.1×0.015×1 m3

Volume of flange = 0.0015 m3

In given figure we have two flange of equal volume so we should multiply by 2 in volume of one flange

Volume of flange = 2×0.0015 m3

Total volume of flange = 0.0030 m3

Now we should calculate volume of web

Volume of web = l × b× h

Length of web = 200 mm – thickness of two flange

Length of web = 200 – (2×15) mm

Length of web = 170 mm

Volume of web = 170×15×1000 mm

Now convert into metre

Volume of web = 0.17×0.015×1 m3

Volume of web = 0.00255 m3

Now we have to calculate total volume of i beam that is sum of volume of flange and volume of web

Total volume of i beam= 0.0030+0.00255 m3

Volume of i beam = 0.00555 m3

Now we have to calculate weight of I beam that is equal to multiplication of density of steel and volume of i beam

Weight = volume × density

Weight = 0.00555 m3×7850 kg/m3

Weight = 43.57 kg

Hance weight of i beam for given dimension is approx 43.57 kg

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