Rate analysis of brickwork – calculate quantity and cost

Rate analysis of brickwork – calculate quantity and cost,hi guys in this article we know about rate analysis of brickwork masonry and how to calculate quantity and cost of material and labour required for 1 cubic metre of brickwork. We calculate number of bricks, cement and sand quantity are used in 1m3 brickwork.

Rate analysis of brickwork is measuring of quantity and cost of material like number of bricks, cement sand quantity required for brickwork masonry including brickwork installation, cost of labour Mason and helper. So rate analysis of brickwork is comprise of of material cost along with their quantity including labour cost.

In this article we Calculate rate analysis for 1m3 of brickwork and rate analysis for 1m2 of brickwork.

Question is a rising what is the purpose of rate analysis for brickwork, as we know that rate analysis help us in making quotation and billing before and after completion of brickwork masonry, it is average estimate and cost of brickwork before installation of project.

Rate analysis of brickwork - calculate quantity and cost

Rate analysis of brickwork – calculate quantity and cost

Brick have multiple shape and size and they can vary according to location and countries so we have brick size is not constant through out the world. There are several way of categorise brick types according to their
nature ,dimension ,properties ,water absorbent and etc.

Brick have history of using from ancient time, when civilization is start to developed in ancient time. ancient people try to develop their life in forest near the bank of river for food clothes and shelter. First start who made air dried brick for making of shelter.

When industrial civilization is developed first time in England they start to make fired brick for making house. And we know that today brick is building material to form brick masonry wall ,different types of pavement and different types of retaining wall and other elements in building construction and civil engineering.

In ancient time brick refer to a unit composed of clay but it is now used to denote a rectangular units made of clay bearing soil, sand lime or concrete material.

brick can be joined together by using cement mortar made of mix of sand cement and water, in ancient time when cement was not discovered people used lime mortar and clay mortar of soil for as binding and Adhesive material.

Let us now discuss rate analysis for brickwork and calculate quantity and cost of material including their labour charges.

Rate analysis of brickwork masonry

Rate analysis for brickwork comprise of following :1) quantity and cost of material 2) labour’s mason and helper cost. Quantity and cost of material includes number of bricks, cement and sand quantity required for 1 cubic metre of brickwork. When we install brick work we require Masons and helper. Labour rate per cum for brickwork is calculated.

Rate analysis for 1m3 of brickwork masonry

Suppose we have 1m3 of brick work, so volume of brickwall = 1m3, size of brick is 190mm × 90mm × 90mm and cement mortar thickness is 10mm and ratio 1:6 are used for laying of brick. Now follow the following calculating steps:-

● step 1 :- first we should add The size of brick and mortar thickness, by adding we get brick size with mortar is 200mm × 100mm × 100mm, calculate the volume of brick size with mortar we get = 0.2 × 0.1 × 0.1 = 0.002m3, total volume of brickwork is 1m3 is given, so number of bricks in 1m3 brick work is = 1m3/0.002m3 = 500 nos.

Hance total number of bricks required for 1m3 brickwork = 500 nos, if market rate of brick = INR 7000/1000 bricks, then total cost of bricks = (7000/1000) ×500 = INR 3500.

● step 2 :- as we size of brick 190mm × 90mm × 90mm and we have 500 brick, so calculate volume of 500 Brick = 500 × 0.19 × 0.09 × 0.09 = 0.7695m3, now calculate volume of cement mortar by subtracting volume of 500 brick from total volume of brickwork,

Volume of mortar = brickwork volume _ 500 brick volume

Volume of mortar = 1m3 _ 0.7695m3 = 0.2305m3,consider 5% wastage = 5% of 0.7695 = 0.011525 m3,add both = 0.7695 + 0.011525 = 0.2420m3, so we volume of mortar = 0.2420m3.

We have to convert wet volume to dry volume, we will multiply 1.33 into wet volume,so

dry volume = 1.33 × wet volume

Dry volume of mortar = 1.33 × 0.2420 = 0.3220 m3.


● step 3 :- now we have to calculate cement required for 1m3 brickwork, we have density of cement = 1440 Kg/m3 and cement sand ratio is 1:6 ( one part is cement and 6 part is sand), so total proportion = 1+6=7 in which part of cement = 1/7 & part of sand = 6/7.

Cement quantity in kg = 1/7×0.3220 m3 × 1440 kg/m3 = 66.24 Kg, we know 1 bag cement = 50 kg, so no of bag cement = 66.24/50 = 1.32, hance 1.32 bags cement required for 1m3 of brickwork.

If market rate of cement = INR 400/bag, then cost of 1.32 bags cement = 400 × 1.32 = INR 528.

● step 4 :- sand quantity is calculated in cubic feet, so we have to convert dry volume of mortar into CFT and 1m3 = 35.3147 cft

Sand quantity = 6/7 ×0.3220 ×35.3147 = 9.75 cft, so 9.75 cft sand quantity required for 1 cubic metre of brickwork.

Price of sand varying according to availability,location, government tax, local body but in this calculation we take rate of sand = INR 60/cft, then cost of sand = 60 ×9.75 = INR 585.

● step 5 :- material cost for 1m3 brickwork include cost of cement, sand and brick.

We have cost of brick = INR 3500, cost of cement = INR 528, consider 1 tanker water cost = INR 500 and cost of sand = INR 585, so total material cost for 1m3 brickwork = INR 5113.

● step 6 :- 1m3 brickwork generally require 1 mason and 2 Helper for completing their work in 8 hour and their mason rate = INR 800 & helper rate = INR 400, then total labour cost for 1m3 brickwork = 800 +(2×400) = INR 1600.

● step 7:- Rate analysis for 1m3 of brickwork masonry is sum of material cost and labour cost,we have material cost = INR 5113 & labour cost = INR 1600.

Cost of 1m3 brickwork = material cost + labour cost

Cost of 1m3 brickwork = 5113 + 1600 = INR 6713.

● step 8 :- consider 10% contractor profit including other extra charges food transportation, so 10% of 6713 = INR 671, so total cost of 1m3 brickwork = 6713 + 671 = INR 7384.

Rate analysis and total cost for 1m3 of brickwork masonry summary conclude INR 7384 ( material cost = INR 5113, labour cost = INR 1600 and others cost = INR 671).

Rate analysis for 1m2 of brickwork masonry

For calculation rate per sq m of brickwork, We have brickwork volume = 1m3 and width of brick with mortar = 0.1m, then area of brickwork = 1/0.1 = 10m2.

10m2 brickwork cost = INR 7384, so rate and cost per sq meter of brickwork = 7384/10= 738.4 = INR 740

Rate per square metre for brickwork is INR 740.

◆ conclusion :- 1) Rate per cum for brickwork is INR 7384 & 2) Rate per sq m for brickwork is INR 740. And rate per cubic metre for brickwork is varying between INR 6000 to 8500 according to their location, varying price of material and labour cost

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