Road median width in India as per IRC

The Indian Roads Congress (IRC) provides guidelines for the median width of National Highways (NH), State Highways (SH), and Other District Roads (ODR) in India as follows:

1. National Highways (NH): for NHs in rural areas, the median width is typically 5.5 meters. For NHs in urban areas, the median width can vary and is generally determined based on the specific road design and traffic requirements.

2. State Highways (SH): For SHs in rural areas, the median width is often 5.5 meters. For SHs in urban areas, the median width can vary based on road design and traffic considerations.

3. Other District Roads (ODR): The median width for ODRs can vary depending on the specific road category and local requirements. Typically, it may be narrower than NHs and SHs.

There is several kinds of Road in world constructed by central and state government in urban and rural areas, such as National Highway (NH), state highway (SH), MDR (major district road), ODR (other District road) and village road (VR). It will be constructed in plain or mountainous steep & hilly area. Generally National Highway constructed by Central Government of consists of 2 Lane, 3 Lane, 4 lane and 6 Lane Road. State highway, MDR, ODR and village road constructed by State Government consist of single lane, 2 Lane, 3 Lane and 4 lane road.

Road median width in India as per IRC
Road median width in India as per IRC

In india Road construction department have set up Indian Road Congress (IRC). The Indian Roads Congress (IRC) is the Apex Body of Highway Engineers in the country give the guidelines, rule and regulation of several kinds of roads contraction. It is updated several times with new guidelines. In India, all matters related to Geometric design and structure are handle according to to IRC (Indian Road Congress).

In Highway Engineering such as built up area of National Highway and state highway, those consists of four lane, six lane or multi-lane Road have median raised or without raised is provided along the inside edge of carriageway to separate and redirect the opposing traffic.

The Road median is the reserved area of built up area of road that separates opposing lanes of traffic on divided roadways, such as divided highways, dual carriageways, freeways, and motorways. The term also applies to divided roadways other than highways, such as some major streets in urban or suburban areas.

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Road median width in India as per IRC

In india, as per rules and guidelines of Indian Road Congress (IRC) for National and state highways, minimum desirable width of median of road in rural highway should 5m wide, which may be reduced to 3m where land in restricted and in urban area, width of median of highway shall be 2.5m wide including kerb shyness of 0.5m on either side. In 4 lane bypass median drainage shall be provided.


4 lane road width in India as per IRC

2 (two) lane road width in India as per IRC

3 lane road width in India as per IRC

Width of National highway in India as per IRC

Maximum and minimum superelevation in road as per IRC

Width of median of road highway is depending on land availability, location of road where it is constructed such as plain areas, mountainous or hilly areas, rural and urban highway. In plain areas width of median of Highway shall be 5m wide and in mountainous and hilly areas it should be 2.5m wide because of lake of ground and difficulty in road construction.