How to calculate 2000 sq ft rcc slab cost

How to calculate 2000 sq ft rcc slab cost

2000 sq ft rcc slab construction cost

Description:– in this topic we know about How to calculate 2000 sq ft rcc slab cost for the roof cast 2000 square feet building roof slab, you have require Steel bar ,sand, cement and aggregate ,how we calculate quantity of cement, sand, Steel bar and aggregate required ,you know that for the casting of roof slab we used generally M20 or M25 mix concrete.

How to calculate 2000 sq ft slab cost
How to calculate 2000 sq ft slab cost

●M-20 mix Concrete:-

In M20 mix concrete M is stand for mix and numerical figure 20 is stand for characteristic of compressive strength 20N/mm2 after mixing and casting of roof slab, quantity of material in slab formation it calculated by M20 mix in which ratio of sand cement and aggregate is 1: 1.5 :3 in which one part is cement and 1.5 is sand and 3 part is aggregate.

●M-mix Ratio :-

1 : 1.5 : 3 in which one part is cement 1. 5 part is sand and 3 part is aggregate

How to calculate 2000 sq ft slab cost

Steel bar calculation:- In roof slab there is a two types of Steel bar used main bar and cross bar:-

1) Main bar:- it is also called as shortist span bar usually used at bottom of slab having spacing 4 inch between the two bar, main bar used in shorter direction having 12 mm dia of Steel bar.

2) Cross bar:- it is also called as longer span bar or distribution bar mainly used at top of the main bar, cross bar usually dia of 10mm Steel bar used in longer direction.

Given dimensions:-

Thickness of slab=5″

Area of slab = 2000 sq ft

M -20 -mix =1:1.5:3 (concrete)

●Volume Calculation of rcc

1) wet volume=Area × thicknessof slab

Vw = wet volume of concrete

Vw= 2000 sq ft× 5″

Vw= 2000 sq ft×5/12′

Vw = 833.33 cft

If you want to convert it into cubic metre you should divide by 35.3147

1m3 =35.3147 cft

Wet volume= 833.33/35.3147=23.59 m3

2) Dry volume:-

we know that wet volume have water and bubbles it can be remove by vibrator or compressor machine so more quantity of material is required hence dry volume is increased by 54 percent of wet volume , so we can multiply 1.54 in wet volume to calculate dry volume

Dry volume = wet volume × 1.54

Vd =1.54 × 23.59 m3

Dry volume= 36.63 m3

●Weight calculation of Steel:-

quantity of steel required in roof slab is about 0.5℅ to 1% of dry volume then average is 0.75% of dry volume

Weight =0.75%of dry volume×density of steel
Density of steel is=7850 kg/m3

W =0.75/100× 36.63m3 ×7850kg/m3

Weight= 2139 kg

So weight of Steel bar is require for 2000 square feet Roof slab= 2139 kg

If Market rate of steel bar is 60 rupees per kg than

total cost of Steel bar = 2139×rs 60

Total cost= Rs 128351

●Sand Calculation:-

In M20 ratio of sand cement and aggregate is 1:1.5:3 ,in this ratio 1.5 part is sand

Total proportion =1+1.5+3=5.5

Volume of sand in cft

Volume =1.5 /5.5× 36.63×35.3147 cft

Volume of sand =352.8 cft

Market rate of sand is very according to locality and availability of material If market rate of 80 rupees per CFT than total cost of quantity of sand

Total cost =rs80×352.8

=Rs 28227

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●Cement calculation:– in M20 mix 1 part is cement quantity

Weight of cement=1/5.5×dry volume in m3×density of cement

Density of cement=1450kg/m3

Weight =1/5.5×36.63 m3×1450 kg/m3

Weight = 9657 Kg

1 bag cement =50kg

No.of bags =9657/50

Cement = 193 Bags cement

If market rate of cement is 350 rupees per bags then total cost

Total cost =193 ×rs 350

= Rs 67599

●Aggregate Calculation:- in M20 mix there is 3 part of aggregate quantity

Volume of aggregate=3/5.5×dry volume in CFT

Volume =3/5.5× 36.63×35.3147 cft

Volume of aggregate = 705.7 cft

If market rate of aggregate is is 70 rupees per CFT then total cost of aggregate

Total cost =rs 70× 705.7

Rs=rs 49398

total cost of material:-

Cost of steel=rs 128351

Cost of cement=rs 67599

Cost of sand=rs 28227

Cost of stone=rs 49398

Labour charge and machine cost =rs 100000 (approx)

Total cost=Rs 373575

Hence total cost of roof slab of 2000 square feet building require rs 373575

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