How to calculate dead load of brick wall | dead load

How to calculate dead load of brick wall,Load carrying capacity of brick wall,in this topic we know about how to calculate dead load of brick wall and also load carrying capacity of brick wall.

Different types of structure in building like brick wall beam and slab applied load over column and column Redistribute this load to Foundation footing and foundation footing redistribute this load finally to soil.

So there is various types of load is applied over column, by calculating load capacity of different structure it is easy for civil engineer to decide the minimum size of column and beam and thickness of slab and strength of brick wall

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Various types of load acting on column

1) self weight of column

2) dead load of brick wall acting on column

3) self weight of beam per metre

4) weight of slab acting on column

But in this topic we only know about dead load of brick wall acting on column

Dead load is considered as immovable structure of brick wall that is also known as static load or permanent load

How to calculate dead load of brick wall


Length of brickwall = 1 meter

Height of brick wall = 2.5 meter

Thickness of brickwall = 6″=152mm

Thickness in meter = 0.152 m

Density of brick wall with mortar is about ranging between 1600-2200 kg/m3

So we consider self weight of brick wall is 2200 kg/m3 in this calculation

A) volume of brick wall

Volume of brickwall = l × b ×h

Length = 1 meter

Width = 0.152 mm

Height of wall = 2.5 meter

Volume = 1m× 0.152 m× 2.5 m

Volume of brick wall = 0.38 m3

B) dead load of brick wall

Weight = volume × density

Dead load = 0.38 m3 × 2200 kg/m3

Dead load = 836 kg/m

It will be convert into kilo Newton by dividing with 100 we will get 8.36 kN/m

So dead load of brick wall is about 8.36 kN/m acting on column

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