What is RCC Foundation and its significance

What is RCC Foundation and its significance. Foundation is Deep structure needed for any civil building construction work and it is the importants parts of building structure.

that is defined as the structure that transfer the load from the structural building and its own weight over the large area of soil in such a way that land does not exceed the load bearing strength of soil and settlement of total building structure remain with two tolerable limits.

Keep clear in mind that Foundation must be made on solid soil not Sandy or muddy soil. why Foundation is needed

What is RCC Foundation and its significance

Foundation is play important role in building construction and it is main parts of civil work it distribute the load of structure building on large area of soil in avoid unequal distribution and settlement and prevent from lateral movement of a structure and increase structure stability.

important point of foundation work and What is RCC Foundation and its significance

1) make a strong foundation for the house which will be built:-

A) it gives clear in mind that Foundation must of execution on solid soil not on sandy or muddy soil

B) you should use only broken piece of granite rock use for foundation you should keep in mind that not use unbroken rounded river stone or seashore stone ,river ston can be used if it is unbroken

C) sufficient amount of good mortar is needed to join different stones which are used in foundation and make into one solid Foundation that will not subsidised unequally

D) reinforcement is needed to connect the base of column with steel of foundation

2) choice of material like sand cement which affect the strength of building:- sand and cement which are used in making Foundation work are have good quality if you used coarse sand for foundation it should be washed to remove fine particles and dust.

it will keep in mind that coral sand should not be used in any construction work. Good quality of sand is obtained from bank of river and seashore which are free from fine particles and dust.

What is RCC Foundation and its significance
What is RCC Foundation and its significance

3) mixing of concrete:-

good clean ingredient of cement sand with Limited water make strong concrete, taken good quality of sand and cement and mix ingredient well ,you should use clean water ,concrete should stand up.

when mix it should not flow away due to excessive water . you should keep in mind that you should not use salty water that destroy concrete strength you should use only the properly selected clean ingredient.

4) making columns

A) strong column provide good strength to the building foundation

B) all reinforced concrete column should be made in single phase before the walls are built up they cannot made in small step with wall is built up

C) minimum column reinforcement should be 4 in number vertical bar which held together according to dimension of column should be anchored in the foundation.

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What are types of RCC Foundation:-

What is RCC Foundation and its significance all Foundation is categorised into 2 categories
According to depth Foundation is two types first one is Shallow foundation and second one is deep Foundation.

What is shallow foundation?

if width of foundation is more than depth of foundation that is Shallow Foundation, we know that soil is execavated for the foundation work it has three dimension depth and width.

it is also divided into different categories according to reinforcement is used it has isolated spread footing ,wall footing ,combined footing ,strap footing and mat Foundation.

Most commonly types of Shallow Foundation that is isolated spread footing is most common simple and most economical foundation used for ordinary building construction.

isolated footing type Foundation consists of footing at the base of column, this type of foundation have independent footing and easily all column has its on footing and footing directory transfer the load to soil it has many shape rectangular circular and square in shape.

Wall footing type of foundation is used to distribute the load of structure load bearing wall to the ground, wall Foundation runs along the direction of Wall ,The width of wall Foundation is generally 2-3 times of width of wall

What is deep Foundation?

if width of foundation is smaller than depth of foundation is known as deep Foundation, it is used to make heavy Super structure building ,

Iron Pillar of bridge in water to increase the strength of foundation that transfer the load of heavy Bridge, deep Foundation have also many types like pile Foundation Pier Foundation and caisson Foundation

What is significance of foundation

1) it is deep structure of building that transfer the the load of superstructure and its own weight to the large area of soil

2) Foundation should be made on solid soil note on Sandy or muddy soil

3) good quality of material like sand cement and reinforcement should be used which increase the the strength of foundation

4) mortar should be properly mix with Limited quantity of water that mortar should be with stand up it should be not flow with water.

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