How to calculate number of bricks per cubic metre

How to calculate number of bricks per cubic metre

how to calculate number of bricks in 1 cubic metre

introduction:- in this topic we will learn about how to calculate number of brick per cubic metre in brickwork of wall. We know that cement mortar is used as adhesive material in brickwork and strength of brickwork depend on thickness of mortar, proper curing of brick wall and quality of bricks. So we should need familiar with brickwork, most of Asian country building structure compromise of brick in wall so there is easy calculation how to calculate number of brick in 1 cubic metre of brickwork.


mortar thickness:- we know that mix of cement and sand it is known as cement mortar used as adhesive material or binding material in brick wall, cement mortar thickness will be 10 mm to 12 mm in brickwork, more than 12 mm or less than 10 mm mortar thickness decrease the strength of brickwork.

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size of brick :– bricks have many size used in different country, but we consider standard size of bricks that is modular size which is measured in millimetre. Modular size of brick is 190 mm × 90 mm × 90 mm. It is important questions asked in several interview number of bricks present in 1 cubic metre.

how to calculate number of bricks 1 cubic metre


Size of modular brick=190 mm × 90 mm × 90 mm

Mortar thickness = 10 mm

Volume of brickwork = 1m3

Size of modular brick with mortar
=(190 mm +10mm) × (90 mm+10mm) × (90 mm+10mm)

= 200mm ×100mm×100mm

First we should convert all size millimetre into metre for calculation

Volume of one brick with mortar

= 0.2 × 0.1 × 0.1 m3 = 0.002 m3

Therefore number of bricks required for 1 cubic metre = 1/0.002 = 500 nos

Hence 500 nos bricks are present in 1 cubic metre of brickwork of modular brick size

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