Tile coverage calculation – tile calculation quantity

Tile coverage calculation – tile calculation quantity,tile coverage calculation and tile calculation step and tile calculation quantity

how we find tile coverage calculation in square footage of area ,it is simply we multiply length of room to Width of room to get square footage of area you needed. how much tile you needed?

you know that tiles comes in square and rectangle shape of many different size like to 2 square feet 4 square feet 16 square feet and much more ,you select your own choice which size of tile needed tiles comes in boxes contain approx 5 or 10 pieces in each box.


material required for tile coverage calculation

1) pen
2) pencil
3) drawing sheet
4) measuring tap
5) measuring scale

5 step to find tile coverage calculation

1) measuring length of one side of room by measuring with tape

2) measuring width of another side of the room by measuring with tape

3) multiplying both Length and width of room by measuring sheet

4) select tile as per your choice in box having 10 pieces and box size is 40 square feet and tile size 4 square feet

5) divide tile coverage area of room by area of box of tile

tile coverage calculation

Assume we have room size in 12 feet in length and 10 feet in width


Length of room =12 feet
Width of room = 10 feet

Area of room = 12 ×10 =120 sq.ft

120 sq.ft for flooring tile installation

It might we know that in some house construction mystiry or contractor or land owner also used 6 inches in wall along with floor tile installation to prevent seepage from wall so 6 inch is considered as one feet tile coverage area calculation.

Tile calculation for wall

So lenght in two sides of room
= (12×1)2 =24 sq.ft

And width in two sides of room

= (10×1)2 =20 sq.ft

So total tile coverage area

= 120 +24 +20 =164 sq. ft

And also assume 10% of tile wastage in transport storage and installation and taken 1 or 2 piece tiles extra for further replacement of tiles in future work

10 % of 164 = 16.4 ~16 sq.ft

So total tile coverage area

= 164 +16 =180 sq.ft

◆ tile calculation quantity

Size of one tile = 2×2= 4 sq.ft

no. of tiles in one box = 10 piece

Area of one box tile = 40 sq.ft

So number of tile needed = 180/4 = 45

So number of box required= 180/40= 4.5

conclusion:- so tile coverage area is easiest method to find number of tile needed for flooring and wall site by multiplying both dimension of room and wall length and width and adding 10% extra area.

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