no of cement bag in 1 m3 cement and cement density

no of cement bag in 1 m3, cement and cement density,density of cement and weight of one bag cement the major constituent of cement is limestone and silica and some amounts of iron pyrites clay is also present.

and cement is present in different types form like ordinary Portland cement (OPC) Portland slag cement( PSC) and Portland pozzolana cement (PPC). The cement is main materials in building construction for making PCC work and RCC work and plastering.

There is a great question ask in your mind that what are no of cement bag in 1m3 cement. For easy calculation no of cement bag in one cubic meter cement present we follow several steps:-

no of cement bag in 1m3 cement
no of cement bag in 1 m3 cement

Cement bags in 1m3

◆ calculation steps:-

1) weight of 1 bag cement

2) we have density of cement

3) calculation of one bag cement volume

4) number of cement bag in 1 cubic meter cement

◆ calculation procedure:-

Weight of one bag cement = 50 kg

Density of cement = 1440 kg/m3

Volume of one bag cement
= weight of one bag cement/density

V of 1 bag cement = 50kg/1440kg/m3

Volume of 1 bag = 0.03472 cubic meter

no of cement bag in 1 m3 cement


0.04372 m3 cement = 1 bag cement

1 m3 cement = 1/0.03472 = 28.8 cement bags

28.8 no of cement bags present in 1m3 cement

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