What is aggregate its types and properties

What is aggregate its types and properties

* introduction:- aggregate is small stone made of crushing of quarries of igneous rocks ,metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. generally aggregate is igneous in geological origin. aggregate are mix with cement mortar form concrete and occupy about 50 to 60% volume of concrete. aggregate should be clean ,hard ,strong made from igneous rock are granded in different size .generally aggregate is chemically inert but certain research find that they have active to cement paste and bonding.

What is aggregate its types and properties
What is aggregate its types and its properties

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* classification of aggregate
A) on the basis of size
B) on the basis of geological origin
C) on the basis of shape

A) on the basis of size aggregate have two types:-

1) coarse aggregate (gitti)
2) fine aggregate (sand)

*1) coarse aggregate:- bigger size of aggregate known as coarse aggregate and it is called as in local language Gati or gitti or grit. It has size ranging from 80 mm to 4.75 mm. generally it is made from disintegration of Natural stone or crushing of igneous rocks.

2) fine aggregate:- smaller size of aggregate known as fine aggregate that is sand .generally it is naturally deposited by water flow on the bank of river and sea shore .depend on size of fine aggregate sand it is divided in in fine medium and coarse sand. Generally fine aggregate size is 4.75mm and less than.

B) on the basis of geological origin:- there are two types of aggregate
1) natural aggregate
2) artificial aggregate

1) natural aggregate:-
it is made from crushing of queries of igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks but pure aggregate used for concrete is igneous rocks. and sedimentary and metamorphic rocks aggregate is suitable for filling of basement area.

2) artificial aggregate:- it is not in aggregate but it is broken piece of slag and bricks damage in transportation and storage ,they used for filling the gap of ground basement by crushing and grinding.

C) on the basis of shape:- there are four types of aggregate on the basis of shape
1) rounded aggregate
2)iregular aggregate
3)angular aggregate
4) flaky aggregate

1) rounded aggregate:- it is round in shape you know that due to water flow in river and sea natural sand is deposited on the bank of of river and Sea shore. Void is lower in measurement and it is not used for good concrete work.

2) irregular aggregate:- it is a irregular in shape and size, due to irregular shape their void is increased and good for cement bonding and concrete making.

3) angular aggregate:- these are angular sharp like knife having maximum void and it has very good bonding suitable for high strength concrete.

4) flaky aggregate:- very thin sharp Rough aggregate is known as flaky aggregate. it is not good for making concrete and also known as poor concrete.

* properties of aggregate:-
1) chemically aggregate is inert but modern study find that aggregate is active for cement paste and bonding.
2) generally aggregate is made from crushing and grinding of igneous rocks metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks.
3) strength of concrete is increased by mix with aggregate having maximum void
4) aggregate comes in the various shape and size

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