1 brass 10mm & 20mm aggregate weight in kg

1 brass 10mm & 20mm aggregate weight in kg,100cft 10mm & 20mm aggregate weight in Kg and how to convert 1 CFT aggregate weight in kg and also know about 100 CFT fine aggregate and coarse aggregate weight in Kg.

1 brass means = 100 cubic feet volume, for example, a cart with load bed of 8′ x 5′ size, when loaded with sand which levels 2.5′ high, the quantity is (8 x 5 x 2.5 / 100 =) 1 brass. It is also used as a measure of surface area of 100 square feet, as used by painters, masons, etc, for quoting or billing purposes.

The quantity of aggregate in construction line calculated in cubic metre or cubic foot or Brass but some time easy question is asked how we convert 1 brass aggregate weight in kg. As we know 1 brass is equal to 100cft

1 brass 10mm & 20mm aggregate weight in kg

1 brass 10mm & 20mm aggregate weight in kg

We know that aggregate is consist of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate of different size 10 mm, 20 mm and 40mm. 10 mm size of aggregate is fine aggregate and 20 mm and 40 mm aggregate is coarse aggregate.

Building, Bridge, dams Construction aggregate, or simply aggregate, is a broad category of coarse- to medium-grained particulate material used in construction, including sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete and geosynthetic aggregates. Aggregates are the most mined materials in the world.

Generally fine aggregate consist of sand silt clay and coarse aggregate consists fine gravel medium gravel coarse gravel pebbles cobbles and boulders.

Fine aggregate having size less than 4.75 mm and coarse aggregate size ranging between more than 4.75 mm to 256 mm.

All types of aggregates measured in cubic metre and cubic feet in construction site and we know about 100 CFT course aggregate weight in kg, and cubic metre but sometime when we go through the the interview and facing questions it will ask what is the weight of 1 brass fine aggregate into kg. also weight of 1 brass aggregate in kg used for billing purpose.

1 brass 10mm & 20mm aggregate weight in kg

We know that while finding the bulk density of different types of aggregate their value is not fixed but it depends on handling how you can handle the aggregate.

Kg to brass:- 1 brass is =100cft, 1cft aggregate weight is ranging from 43 to 46 kgs,1 brass (100cft) aggregate weight is 4.3 to 4.6 tons, 4389 kgs – 4587kg is equal to 1 brass.

So density of aggregate is not fix but it ranging between 1520 kg/m3 to 1680 kg/m3.

Weight of aggregate in kilogram depends on density of aggregate and size of aggregate. Lesser dimension of aggregate have high density due to less presence of air voids & higher dimension of aggregate have lower density due to higher presence of air voids.

10 mm size of fine aggregate have higher density due to lesser presence of air voids than 20 mm size and 40 mm size of coarse aggregate. if there density is varies that’s why weight of aggregate is also very. Density of aggregate is vary from 1420 Kg/m3 to 1680 Kg/m3,

For calculating 1 brass aggregate weight, consider density of aggregate 1600 Kg/m3, it means 1 cubic metre of aggregate weight is 1600 kg and we know that 1m3 = 35.3147 cft, so 35.3147 cft aggregate is equal to 1600 kg, then 1 CFT aggregate weight 1600/35.3147 = 45.30 kg, then 1 brass (100cft) aggregate weight = 45.30 ×100 = 4530 kg or 4.5 tons

As we know higher dimension of aggregate like 20mm and 40mm have lower density due to higher presence of air voids than 10 mm aggregates. Density of 20mm and 40mm aggregate ranging between 1450 kg/m3 to 1550 kg/m3

For calculating 1 brass 20mm aggregate weight, consider density of 20mm aggregate is equal to 1550 kg/m3, it means weight of 1 cubic metre of 20 mm size aggregate is equal to 1550 kg, we know that 1m3 is equal to 35.3147 cubic feet, it means 35.3 147 cubic feet of aggregate weight is equal to 1550 kg, weight of 1 CFT (cubic feet) of 20mm size aggregate is 1550/35.3147= 43.89 kg, so 1 brass 20mm aggregate weight = 43.89 × 100 = 4389 kg or 4.4 tons.

As we know lesser dimension of fine aggregate like 10 mm have higher density than higher dimension size of 20mm and 40mm aggregate. Density of 10mm fine aggregate is ranging between 1620 Kg/m3 to 1680 Kg/m3

For calculating 1 brass 10mm aggregate weight, consider density of 10mm is 1620 Kg/m3, it means 1m3 of 10 mm size aggregate weight is 1620 kg, And we know that 1m3 =35.3147 cubic feet, then 35.3147 cft aggregate weight is 1620 kg, then weight of 1 CFT of 10 mm aggregate weight = 1620/35.3147 = 45.87 kg, so 1 brass 10mm aggregate weight = 45.87 × 100 = 4587 kg or 4.6 tons.

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