What is FSI or FAR- floor space index and its value

What is FSI or FAR – floor space index and its value. FSI stand for floor space index and FAR stand for floor area ratio regulated by municipal corporation of town and city in many country.

it is calculated value of ratio of total area of floor of building and Plot land area of buildings. It allow Builders and contractor to construct building according to given laws, rule and regulation of municipal corporation.


What is FSI or FAR and its rule and regulation

DTPC Directorate of Town and Country planning department can fix the floor space index for different city and town according to their location population and type of building construction like residential building ,apartment building business building or etc.

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* permissible FSI depend on many factor:-

1) population of city
2) location of your land plot
3) type of building construction you want like a residential building apartment and business building
4) width of road
5) availability of power water and sewer system
6) availability of fire extinguisher- vehicle

How we calculate of FSI of city ?

FSI = floor area of building/ land area

If you have land area 1000 square feet and floor area building construction is about 2000 square feet then your floor space index is —

FSI = 2000/1000 = 2

Then floor space index is 2 in your city.

* calculation of floor area construction:

you cannot fix FSI in your city by yourself, floor space index is fix by municipal corporation of city and town by rule and regulation.
suppose floor space index is 2 in your city and your land area is about 1000 square feet.

Floor area construction
= FSI × area of land
= 2 × 1000 sqft = 2000 sqft

What is premium FSI  ?

according to rule of municipal corporation we can increase area building construction on that land area plot by giving some payment to government .it can allow and permit to increase about 20% to 30% of floor building construction according to availability of good power ,water and width of road.

*Calculation of premium FSI:

according to Width of road Municipal corporation of your town allow to increase your building construction.
1) Road width 20 to 30 feet -20 % increase
2) road width 30 to 40 feet -30% increase

Given FSI =2, plot area= 1000 sqft
20% increase permissible permit

Floor area building construction
= 【1000+(1000×20/100)】× 2
= 1200 × 2 =2400 sqft

different FSI in many city of India

1)Delhi -1.2 to 3.5
2)Kolkata – 1.5 to 2.5
3) Mumbai -1.33 to 1.83
4) Chennai -1.52 to 2
5)Ahmedabad -1.2 to 1.8
6)Bengaluru 1.75 to 3.35

What is advantage of FSI ?

1) it has width Road 30 to 40 feet
2) It has good water facility power facility and sewer facility
3)it look clean and good environment
4)in emergency system Fire extinguisher-vehicle reach up to location

5)prevent from large damage during earthquake
6)prevent from gathering of population
7)making clean and good environment

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